NZ Specialty Foods Company

Dragon Foods is a New Zealand specialty foods company based in Wellington. We are a licensed importer, exporter and manufacturer of specialty food products, particularly meat and poultry. We source and import container-loads of quality food products from reputable distributors in Europe and the US. Currently, Dragon Foods supplies large food manufacturers in New Zealand with raw product that is sold nationally through QSR channels, specialty restaurants, and large hotel groups.


We are specialists in bespoke food product solutions for hotel chains, food markets, restaurants, and food distributors. We can tailor our products to meet niche demand.


We deal with reputable farmers and manufacturers when sourcing products for clients. The food products we manufacture are trusted by market-leading Kiwi brands.


We take pride in manufacturing and supplying top-quality food products. We only trade in sustainable products that are free range, barn range, or wild.

Brands that trust us:

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